The Last Season Blank

When Beth receives the results from the paternity test, she refuses to believe the truth. She is convinced, Daniel, is the father of her child, even though he claims to be sterile. Who is Justin's father? 

As Justin grows, it becomes clear that he has a special gift. He begins performing miracles and gaining national media attention.
Meanwhile, in Paris, FBI agent James Adams is investigating a terrorist cell. After taking down the terrorists, he locates a mysterious dagger with a serpent-engraved handle and discovers a cryptic computer file he cannot decipher. Adams and his new partner, Agent Sara Kimball, begin investigating the evidence and, with the help of a friend in the CIA, Adams breaks the code. What he finds brings them to Pinehaven Vermont, where they discover a connection between their investigation and Justin.

Is this international conspiracy uncovered by the agents powerful enough to destroy the world?