Ticket To Paradise Blank
   Ticket To Paradise

Soon after Chris Gennaro buys a winning $9 million lottery ticket, his bludgeoned body is found floating in the marina near his small boat. A few days later, his older brother, Nick, cashes in the ticket, leading his father, Nicholas "Nicky the Butcher" Gennaro, to suspect that Nick might be responsible for Chris's death. 

 Since Nicholas has life-long connections to the Patriarca crime family, he decides to avenge the murder of his favorite son and orders a hit on his other son, Nick. But when breaking evidence shows that Nick is innocent of Chris's murder, Nicholas is distraught. Now a new question must be answered: who killed Chris Gennaro? 

With nonstop action and intrigue, "Ticket to Paradise" combines the drama of family tragedy, murder, and money.